Apostle Peggy Hall, Senior Pastor 
With a life devoted to reaching the lost and broken-hearted, Pastor Peggy, was designed for greatness. Her journey began as a child where her father, Bishop Thomas Smith, Sr., being her vocal mentor and trainer, encouraged the gift and special anointing on her life in music.
Though she was raised in the church from a small church, she testifies to the truth that with a life filled with partying, drugs and alcohol, that the enemy thought that he had her bound. Coming home from a club one night, she experienced a tragic accident that nearly took her life. Trusting the predestined plan of God, she reconciled her relationship and accepted the Lord as her personal Savior in 1989. From her testimony, she desperately proclaims to a dying world that God still saves, heals and delivers. 
As her walk became closer to the Lord and she began to grow deeper knowledge of God, she accepted her call into the preaching ministry in 1992. Since that time God has elevated her to Apostle and Senior Pastor with her husband Elder. Tyrone Hall. Her greatest desire above all else are to please God, continue in His beacon light of God's anointing that being saved is more than merely confessing Salvation. .

Elder Tyrone Hall, Co-Pastor
Pastor Tyrone Hall, Sr. is a man after God’s own heart. Pastor Hall found God in a small Bible believing church in the southern state of Georgia. He accepted his call to ministry in 1994.  A native of Norristown, Pennsylvania, he graduated from Norristown High School.  He joined the Air Force in 1976 and received an Associate of Science Degree in Electronics and Aircraft Systems, graduating with honors.  He later attended Christian Theological Seminary at San Jose Christian College.  Pastor Hall’s endeavor to fill his hands with the things of God, coupled with his humble and teachable spirit afforded him promotion in the Kingdom of God. Pastor Hall accepted his call to co-pastor alongside his wife, Apostle Peggy Hall, in 2010.
 Pastor Hall has had the opportunity to speak at several conferences across California and Arizona. One of Pastor Hall’s greatest testimonies is how God’s mercy extended to him when he became involved in drugs and criminal activity as a young man misguided by bad choices. He is excited about Jesus and is very in tune with what his will is for all of us: to reach the lost at any cost. A devoted husband and dedicated family man, Tyrone is the loving father of seven children and eleven grandchildren .  God has certainly laid His hands on the life and ministry of Pastor Tyrone Hall, Sr.
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Minister Tamu Lopez - Youth Pastor

Pastor Tamu is the eldest daughter of Apostle Peggy Hall. Ordained a Minister of the Gospel at the age of 26, by the Late Bishop T. L. Smith, Sr. she stands on the firm belief that God has called her to prophetically carry His life changing message to the nations. She continues to focus on activities and events that build the kingdom for all ages. 

Pastor Tamu is grateful to God for His grace and for the risk God takes to entrust such an important mission to a sinner. She believes that young people and adults need each other to finish the proclamation of the Gospel. She believes that the only way to keep the youth and young adults faithful to Jesus and in the church is to give them assurance of their salvation, hope in the Second Coming, and to keep them working on behalf of those who have neither of the first two. 

Pastor Tamu upholds the fact that Youth Ministries do not just happen during a Conference but must happen daily at the local church; and definitely, not only within the walls of the church, but outside in the church’s community. 

Pastor Tamu is a friend of God, who loves and takes care of her family, which consists of her husband and four children and is proud to be a third generation preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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